Turning 50 and feeling fabulous!…


Turning 50 and feeling fabulous!…

I turned 50 this year and threw a massive party to celebrate. It was ball gowns, tiaras and black tie. It was a fabulous night and I have some lovely photos to remember it by. But I wanted a really good photo of myself in my amazing dress so booked a photo session at Secret Boudoir.

I chose Secret Boudoir because I wanted a woman to take the pictures. I knew I’d feel more comfortable and felt a woman would understand my body issues more. We spoke on the phone first, we got on really great so I was very excited about my studio session.

The studio was so easy to find and Louise, the photographer and Ali, the makeup artist was very easy to get on with.

I felt relaxed straight away. I can be a bit of a control freak but I told myself “these guys are professionals, let them do their thing!”

And what a fabulous result! Louise showed me how to pose – successfully addressing my body issues! We had such a laugh at some of the angles – felt a bit lIke a turtle and the penguin pose. But the little tricks all give amazing results. I now know to ” chin forward and down ” in my selfies!

A week later the results were ready to view. It was difficult to whittle the photos down to my chosen group of four but we got there by process of elimination! Because the images come on a disc I can decide how I want to display them. I had an amazing time at the Secret Boudoir and now have a fabulous reminder of my 50th year – and that I still look damn hot!!!


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