Giving the perfect gift…



It’s a remarkably satisfying feeling when you give a gift to your partner that you know is amazing. Something no one else could possibly give them and something that they would never have expected. After a certain number of birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases’ have gone by, unique gifts can become tricky to find. How do you surprise them?

Well, I have the answer for you, Secret Boudoir has a number of products that can be purchased after your photo shoot. Seductive one of kind gifts that show a side of you that’s for their eyes only (one that maybe even you forgot still exists). This is why I provide several ways you can showcase your experience with me, which both help you celebrate and remember your Secret Boudoir day and make terrific presents.

Portrait Box –  A Luxury handcrafted portrait box with 8×6″ individually mounted photographs. Ideal for framing, putting onto an easel or keeping discreetly in the box. This is something to pull out from under the bed when you have a bit of privacy, or when you and your partner fancy a reminder of your time at Secret Boudoir. 


Lace Photo Albums – These make a great wedding present for your husband-to-be. Handmade 8×8″ albums that are chic and stylish, available in cream or black lace and packaged in a black presentation box. They can be especially inimitable if you opt for a bespoke cover, a quality you won’t find on the high street!

Wall hangings – They’re becoming extremely popular, from an artistic Boudoir image in the bedroom to a Feminine Portrait in the Lounge. Which can quickly become a talking point at any occasion! Wall hangings come in either Photo Block or deep Framed Prints. Available in 30×20″, 20×16″ and 15,10″.

Photo Block – Images add an extra dimension to your display with a black edge to make the image really stand out. Even a small hallway can benefit from one of these little beauties as they are available in three different sizes.

Framed Prints – If you’re looking for a more timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with our professionally framed prints. They give that personal touch to your home we all crave and take your bedroom walls from Oh to Woah!

Secret Boudoir products are the kind that gets noticed, whether recipients proudly hang them around their homes or display them on coffee tables. After all, once you receive your beautiful images, you will want to show them off!

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