A gift for my husbands 50th Birthday…


It’s always a lovely feeling when open your mailbox to find, a client wants to thank you for having a great time with us. So for that reason, we are very pleased Nicola did just that! I asked Nicola if we could share her experience with you too…

 I’d seen an article in the papers about Secret Boudoir and as it was approaching my husband’s 50th, I thought I’d have the photos taken as a surprise. When the day arrived I was very nervous, but when I arrived at the studio and changed into my first outfit Louise had calmed me down. My nerves disappeared and the fun began! Like most women I’m not overconfident about my body, but once I’d seen the photos I am very pleased and proud of them!

We had been out with friends on the eve of my husband’s birthday and when we arrived home at midnight I presented them framed and in a gift box to him. He was delighted with them and I am so pleased I went ahead and had the photos taken!

I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone! 

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Although Nicola usually wears glasses, she wanted to try a couple of shots without…which I think gave a nice twist and added to the transformation. Doesn’t she look amazing!

Thank you for sharing your story Nicola, you have been a fabulous client.

Louise x

If you are thinking of giving a gift to someone special, feel free to get in touch. louise@secretboudoir.co.uk  

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