Feminine Portraits is born…


“The Times they are a-changing”, as Bob Dylan would say.

And as Spring and Summer signify new birth, so too is Secret Boudoir flourishing! My photo shoots have proven to be a brilliant way for my client’s to build confidence and release their inner poise (in a cheeky, sassy way). While I’ll always offer the photography sessions I’m known for I’ve been thinking recently, why should this only work for those that want a boudoir style photography experience? What about…everyone else!?

We all need and deserve a little me- time don’t we? Just a few hours to remind ourselves what we are worth in case we’ve forgotten, or what we have accomplished if we’ve taken ourselves for granted recently. A little time to be self-focused is not by all means selfish. It’s healthy, necessary even and capturing those moments when you are fully aware just how amazing you are, can be precious to you and your family.

And so feminine portraits was born. More readily acceptable for the family in general (as opposed to the vivaciousness of the boudoir shoots) feminine portraits aim to capture that truly beautiful thing that you may have forgotten about yourself.

These sessions will be available with hair and make-up, clothing options and in the safe secure environment of my studio, where you can fully relax and enjoy yourself. Just you, spending a quality time with you and keeping a stunning photograph to ensure that feeling doesn’t just disappear as soon as you step foot outside.

I’m so looking forward to offering this new and exciting addition to my service and seeing what sort of journey this experience will take you on.

I’m ready when you are, see you soon.

Louise x



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