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Wow, what a great year this has been and to top it off we have a feature in the Daily Mail YOU magazine! We are over the moon, to say the least…

I was contacted by a journalist about being featured, she asked me a range of questions to do with Boudoir photography….so after a long chat about what’s important to me as a photographer and how my clients feel when they enter the studio, which is usually very nervous (and the word petrified has been used before!) we talked about the process and how I take my time to make sure the clients are comfortable during the shoot.

I only shoot ladies in a way they are comfortable with and that suits their body. Some ladies bring in one or two outfits, some a whole suitcase full…we work with whatever suits you.

Daily Mail, Boudoir Feature
Daily Mail, Boudoir Feature

When a client arrives we will first do a mini consultation, this gives us time to go over their outfits, makeup and select the sets for the shoot.

Some clients prefer the dark and sultry look, some like the light and romantic style, we can also do a little of both!

We have had a range of ladies in the studio from all walks of life and of different ages and sizes….every shoot is different and that’s why we love this style of photography, it gives us the chance to show woman feeling empowered!

The article also featured a testimonial from our previous client Lisa Armstrong, Lisa wrote us a fab piece and allowed her images to be placed in the article to show off her boudoir session.

Along with two other photographers, my photo was added to the article which was great….national baby!

I am really pleased with having my photo in the magazine, (all images bar the lady with the fridge were boudoir images taken at Secret Boudoir) which was fantastic.

The article was also put on the Daily Mail website….


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