How to be “A Business Celebrity” – Lucy Whittington


I am a strong believer that people walk into your life, at the right time and place for a reason. Or sometimes for a lesson as they say!

I was invited to a networking event held by Cambridge Style week, as it was a spare of the moment thing, I didn’t really know what to expect.

On the day, I must admit I was feeling a little vulnerable…the joys of being self-employed can be hard work, especially keeping up the momentum. So at this point, I felt like I needed something more.

I admit I have struggled, within the space of a few years I lost my mother to cancer and my father had a life-changing stroke. In many ways, I look at my work as being my saviour. Like many of us creatives, I just need someone to come along and give you a kick up the backside!

First up onto the stage was Lucy Whittington – How to be a business celebrity. As soon as Lucy started speaking, her energy seemed to rush over me and I instantly got goosebumps. Lucy spoke about how your mood, feelings and energy stood in the way of your success and was also the root of being successful. Once you swap from negative to positive, that’s when your energy shifts and things really start to change. As I am a big fan of Law of Attraction, I got this. I’ve read the books, I have searched the net, I just needed to hear it out loud! And when I did, I felt that nudge I needed to finally kick in!

Lucy helps you to “Find your thing”. I thought mine was just being a photographer, but it turns out that’s just one layer of the business cake! What I offer within my business is so much more…

After the show, I had the pleasure of a one to one call with Lucy…she recommended I share my experiences, along with all the different layers which made MY business cake. Lucy also helped me to see that my own weakness has now become my strengths when working with others. So when I thought about it, I’m not an overly confident person, but I am good making others feel confident and relaxed within the studio. It had just become so much like second nature, it was easy to forget to share how we make people feel. When really this is what creates our whole experience within Secret Boudoir! This was a good eye-opener and has now changed how I see my business.

Thank you, Lucy!

If you would like to find out “what’s your thing is…visit

I would recommend networking to anyone, it’s a great experience and the chance to meet some like-minded business owners. From that one event, I have met some fab ladies which still to this day we all keep in touch and help each other with ideas. Like our own a little network, which has been a great turning point. Thanks, guys! :)



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